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About Us

This site is is brought to you by Roman G. and David K. together with Yame City Office. Original concept, planning, design and implantation by Roman G. and David K. Additional support and assistance provided by Yame City Office.

Roman and David currently live and work in Yame, and first came up with this concept for this site back in September 2015. Originally conceived as a simple fan site / blog about living in rural Yame, it has blossomed into something else entirely thanks to the endless encouragement and assistance provided by our mutual friends at the Yame City office. Both of us put a lot of value on authenticity, and by living in Yame for these last few years, we’ve come to believe that if you want to see the real Japan, then you need to get away from big cities like Tokyo and Kyoto. The old ways still live on out here, and through this site, we hope to share what makes this city so very special with the wider world.

Come visit us soon!

We will be happy to welcome you 🙂

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