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Yame is a town located in Japan Fukuoka prefecture, on the most southern of Japan's four main islands, Kyushu. With an estimated population of approximately 60,000, the total area of the municipality is 482.53km², making Yame the second largest district in Fukuoka. The completion of the Hirokawa interstate means Fukuoka city is only a mere 40 minutes drive from central Yame, and there are numerous nearby towns within easy driving distance. One cannot visit Yame without being taken aback by the wealth of pure, unspoiled natural beauty. Mist shrouded mountains, pure white waterfalls and verdant green fields- all this and more can be found in abundance. Yame is also blessed with a rich cultural history, as is evident in the many traditions and customs carefully cherished and preserved by this city to this day. From the Lantern Festival in early autumn to the Firefly Festival in late spring, Yame presents numerous opportunities to witness Japan's natural beauty and cultural heritage.

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From Hakata JR Station in Fukuoka city, take the south bound train on the Kagoshima line to Hainuzuka station. The rapid express takes only 40 minutes, while the commuter train takes just over one hour. Yame is serviced by two bus companies, Nishitetsu and Horikawa transport; buses from both companies depart Hainuzuka station for Yame city center frequently, and take less than 20 minutes.
Yame is one of the largest districts in Kyushu with tons to see and do- to get the most out of your trip, its highly recommended to rent a car for the duration of your stay. There are several rent-a-car locations in the central district. The many towns and cities of Kyushu are interlinked by a network of interchanges and highways; Yame is only a thirty minute drive from Fukuoka city and Kumamoto city. With so much incredible scenery on display, biking about Yame is also a great idea in the summer months.

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