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The Snow Queens of Yame.


The Chrysanthemum is a seasonal flower that usually blooms in September, and is cultivated around the town of Tadami, Yame in specially built greenhouses. In Japan, the Chrysanthemum flower is associated with the Imperial house, and is used in crests and seals to indicate a link to the Emperor himself.


As the Chrysanthemum flower is sensitive to light, farmers regulate the specially designed UV emitters around the clock in special greenhouses to produce exceptionally large and striking blossoms. Known domestically as “Snow Queens” (yuki hime), they are in high demand across the country not only for their eye-catching elegance but also because bouquets of Yame Chrysanthemums will be presented to finalists at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

A national treasure more than 600 years old.



A festival celebrating the blossoming of the great Wisteria tree in Kurogi town. Enjoy traditional delights such as imo manjyuu, (sweet potato cake) and dagojiro (miso soup and dumplings) and much more while sitting underneath the vivid blossoms of the great Wisteria tree, itself more than six centuries old!


The great Wisteria tree was first planted in 1395, more than 600 years ago. Designated as a national treasure, it has survived countless wars and fires and still blooms vigorously to this day.

This tree has spread across an area approximately 3000m², and its branches hang down more than a meter from its trellis, covered in exquisite violet blossoms. Both the sight and scent of these delicate are exquisite.

Recommended: Kurogi city, Yame district

A vibrant celebration of color.

Autumn Cosmos


As well as the remarkable natural beauty on display, the Toro Ningyo festival in Yame, an event over 250 years old, coincides nicely with the blossoming of the Cosmos.  The acclaimed spa and resort, Bengara Mura, is within walking distance. Overall, a perfect opportunity to enjoy a relaxing afternoon.


Come autumn, a lush carpet of pinks, whites and reds is rolled out along the banks of the Kawasaki river. Thanks to local efforts over the previous ten years, over 150,000 flowers have been planted along the riverbanks. The spread shows no signs of stopping, with each years blossoming putting the previous years to shame.

A small road winds its way through the wildflower fields, allowing for easy exploration by car. Expect to see plenty of other tourists along the way, as the blooming flowers coincide nicely with the Toro Ningyo festival in Yame, an event over 250 years old. To top it all off, the acclaimed spa and resort, Bengara Mura, is but a stone’s throw away, and we can think of no better way to end a day ambling through wildflowers than a sumptuous all-you-can-eat buffet and a relaxing bath in a natural hot spring.

Recommended: Tachibana city, Yame district

A colorful welcome to Kurogi City along the azure road.



Green pier itself makes a perfect base camp from which to explore the exquisite local scenery, and as well as being a hotel and restaurant, visitors can also relax in a natural hot spring and spa, or enjoy a variety of sports and leisure facilities. The nearby peaks of Odake and Medake may appeal to hiking enthusiasts, and nature lovers will love strolling through the 300 hectare Kutsurogi Forest. For a nominal fee, guided tours are available for outdoor adventure and exploration.

The end of the rainy season paints swathes of color across the hills and mountains of Yame, as the Hydrangeas burst into flower in a blaze of cool blues and brilliant reds. The best way to experience this is traveling the winding road up to Yame’s outdoor center, Green Pier. For approximately three kilometers, visitors find themselves awash in brilliant cerulean blues, as the roadsides are lined by over six thousand Hydrangea bushes. If you can tear your eyes away from the vibrant display of color, the views along the way of the surrounding Kurogi area are also tremendous.

Recommended: Kurogi City, Yame district

Sakura season, a time for new beginnings and natural beauty.

Cherry Blossoms


Along the banks of the Kurogi river and surrounding valley stand almost six hundred cherry trees, which erupt in riotous shower of pink come April. The elegant stone bridges that have stood for thousands of years contrast beautifully with the surrounding valley; the old and new coming together to create a simply incredible scene.

Further to the east, Hyugami Dam and the surrounding lakeside burst into life with the flowering of the delicate white blossoms of the `Senbon Zakura`, and the soothing natural scenery is sure to delight and enthrall. `Sakura` season would not be complete without festivals, and the nearby towns of Kurogi and Yame have celebrations every year when the blossoms reach their peak. Enjoy a variety of performances by locals, including Taiko drumming, traditional dancing, song, and musical performances by local groups and schools. To top it off, at night the blossoms are lit up and illuminated, creating an unforgettable evening for all ages.

The coming of April marks the onset of Spring and the beginning of Japan`s world famous cherry blossom season. As hundreds of thousands of trees across the country erupt into blossom, elegant white petals litter the streets and sidewalks as millions of flowers sway gently in the cool breeze. Yame is no exception, and the natural beauty of the surrounding landscape only heightens the magic of this short, sweet phenomenon. Although it is almost impossible not to see cherry trees when traveling around Yame, there are several particularly noteworthy locations that are an absolute must for any visitor around this period.

Recommended: Hyugami Dam, Yame district

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